Multi Function Style


Multi Function Style

A big part of successful design is recognizing all aspects of the space you are designing and how it needs to function. Simply placing furniture pieces anywhere they look good may not always be in the best interest of functionality.

We all use our home but don’t want to sacrifice style for function. A clever way to combine style and function are with the use of a console table. Console tables are a great way to add a new element of texture, color and of course functionality. Console tables have evolved into functioning pieces of furniture as well as a way to ground and accessorize an area or show division from one space to another. We are beginning to see the average console become a desk surface, game table and much more. There are so many great ways to incorporate a console table in a space whether it be behind a sofa for lighting and accessory display, or to accompany two small ottomans underneath to pull out and use as a gaming surface for chess or cards.

One popular way that consoles are being used in spaces are as flip top tables that live folded but open up to provide a larger surface. Just pull up a comfy armless chair and this new addition is ready to use.

Design Home Interiors offers a number of console tables ranging from modern, eclectic to traditional. Let us help you incorporate one into your design!


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Design Home Interiors offers Home Furnishings and Full Room Design to meet the personalities and tastes of our discriminating clients. With over 50 manufacturers represented in our 6,000 square foot showroom, our Interior Designers help you create the rooms of your dreams.
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