Bucks Country Designer House & Gardens



About Spring Valley Farm

The Village Improvement Association of Doylestown has selected Spring Valley
Farm at 3864 Spring Valley Road in Doylestown as the 37th Bucks County Designer
House & Gardens for 2012.

A former working farm, physician’s residence and office, the 1850s Dutch Colonial home set on 11 acres will be open for general tours beginning May 6 and running through June 3. Proceeds from the designer house and associated events contribute to the VIA’s $1 million pledge to renovate the Birthing Center at Doylestown Hospital.

Design Home Interior’s “ The Social Lounge” Room # 5

By combining traditional and modern element in a space, Design Home Interiors
has created a space that reflects the old and the new. Hues of Charcoal, Ash and Honey
combined together, fill this transitional room with warmth and charm. This room
provokes a feeling of comfort and class with wood elements and textures. A backdrop
of fabric with a traditional design on a more modern linen fabric plays off the Colonial
styled paneled fireplace. Our color pallet is drawn from the Mercer tile that adorns the
fireplace. This culmination is a look that is warm and smart, representing the design
world today.

This unique sitting room stands out but doesn’t shout out. Everyone will feel
welcomed to come in and enjoy the layers of texture and visually pleasing design, while
still feeling comfortable and restful. Guests will surely take home a new perspective on
interior design.

Be sure to come and visit our Social Lounge Room #5 and see our design

Bucks County Designer House & Gardens 2012
Spring Valley Farm
3864 Spring Valley Road
Furlong, PA 18925

May 6 – June 3

Purchase tickets at the door
Online at:


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Shag is Back!



Most equate the “Shag Rug” with the 60’s and the style of iconic Brady Bunch. However we are seeing shag rugs make a big come back in the design world. TV shows like Mad Men and Pan Am are bringing the 60’s back into the current times. That’s right, the shag is back!

These textured rugs are now being shown in more colors and different types of textures, not just the same old same. Many rug manufacturers are coming up with new and fresh ways to make the shag a big hit. Low profile, shiny, pebble textured and much more have been developed to add that new edge to a design icon.

By pairing any of these fun but yet sophisticated shag rugs with different textures and finishes through lighting and fabrics can bring a space together in a magnetic way.

Design Home Interiors offers a number of these new and exciting shag rugs that are affordable and fun. Any of our talented Designers are happy to help you bring this design icon into your home.

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Stripe Youir Space!


Stripe Your Space!

Many people think their only option for creating visual interest is to paint walls a solid color.  There is another method that can be as subtle or as bold as you’d like…


They can be thin or wide, vertical or horizontal, tonal or boldly contrasting, but there is no doubt about it, stripes create instant interest.

Stripes can add sophistication, elegance, whimsy, edginess or casual cool to a space. Paint is perhaps the most affordable way to give your home a fresh new look. Painting stripes creates a look comparable to what can be achieved with wallpaper, but at a fraction of the cost.

Things to consider:

–         Horizontal stripes tend to be more contemporary and bold

–         Vertical stripes are inclined to have more of a traditional feel

When selecting your accent colors, play off the colors in the room, or select various neutrals. This option will provide more flexibility in the décor later on.

Don’t forget to call and schedule a consultation to have one of the Design Home Interiors designers help select the perfect color combination for you!

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Multi Function Style


Multi Function Style

A big part of successful design is recognizing all aspects of the space you are designing and how it needs to function. Simply placing furniture pieces anywhere they look good may not always be in the best interest of functionality.

We all use our home but don’t want to sacrifice style for function. A clever way to combine style and function are with the use of a console table. Console tables are a great way to add a new element of texture, color and of course functionality. Console tables have evolved into functioning pieces of furniture as well as a way to ground and accessorize an area or show division from one space to another. We are beginning to see the average console become a desk surface, game table and much more. There are so many great ways to incorporate a console table in a space whether it be behind a sofa for lighting and accessory display, or to accompany two small ottomans underneath to pull out and use as a gaming surface for chess or cards.

One popular way that consoles are being used in spaces are as flip top tables that live folded but open up to provide a larger surface. Just pull up a comfy armless chair and this new addition is ready to use.

Design Home Interiors offers a number of console tables ranging from modern, eclectic to traditional. Let us help you incorporate one into your design!

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Going Green with Your Upholstery!


Going Green with Your Upholstery!

Design Home Interiors sources from a number of vendors that offer sustainable, eco friendly products. With a growing awareness of how products in our home affect not just our planet, but also our own personal health, we are proud to spotlight two manufacturers that have dedicated their mission to eco-friendly and sustainable furniture. Harden Furniture offers an environmentally friendly option featuring a bio-based foam core, made with soy rather than petroleum. In addition, Harden abides by sustainable forestry, consisting of management practices that ensure the health and growth of our forests for future generations. As the population expands and the economy grows, responsible people are concerned about our forests, and they want assurances that our forests will always be there. Companies that rely on healthy and productive forestland for their livelihood have a keen self-interest in making certain that forests remain healthy and productive. To read more about Harden’s mission visit the following link:


Another top-quality manufacturer that we carry is C.R. Laine. They’re committed to preserving the resources of our world for future generations as well. It is their goal to minimize the environmental impacts of their company through the continual improvement of waste reduction and use of sustainable practices.

In addition to the standard world-friendly benefits listed above, you can elevate your commitment to sustainable practices by requesting C.R. Laine’s optional down2earthcushion upgrade which adds the following:

down2earth Seat Cushions: A core of high-resiliency bio-based foam that replaces at least 20% of the petroleum based contents with natural plant based ingredients such as soy or corn, is wrapped in a layer of fiber primarily made from post-consumer regenerated fibers, and production technology and contain organic, halogen-free fire retardants.

down2earth Back Cushions and Throw Pillows: The backs and throws are filled with 100% post-consumer regenerated fiber, which is then blown into a 100% cotton casing. These regenerated fibers begin as recycled plastic drink bottles that are reprocessed into fluffy fiber.

To read more on C. R. Laine and their products visit the following link


Any of our talented and knowledgeable Designers will be happy to assist you with choosing your eco-friendly upholstery pieces! Come in and have fun putting your room together with all natural fabrics as well.

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Happy Holidays to All !

Holiday Wishes from Design Home Interiors

I’m amazed at how quickly 2011 went by, but as it draws to a close, we’re truly thankful for the support we’ve received from you, our clients. 
Our goal is to provide superior design services
and high-quality furnishings and accessories that allow us to help you create the rooms of your dreams.  We hope we’ve done that for you in the past, and look forward to working with each of you again in 2012 and beyond.

As a locally owned and operated small business, we are excited to provide the residents of our community with beautiful living areas in their homes they can relax in and enjoy every day. 
It may seem like a small thing, but creating great living spaces for our clients to enjoy is an essential part of what we do, and something that we take great pride in.

Design Home Interiors continues to set itself apart from traditional furniture retailers by providing an unequalled experience and unmatched products and services, as evidenced by our Best of Philadelphia recognitions by My Fox Philly and My PHL 17 in the last few years.  With the ability to provide design services backed by high-quality merchandise from manufacturers such as Century, Harden,
C.R. Laine, Sherrill, and many more, we plan to create beautiful living spaces for our discriminating clients for years to come.

As 2011 turns to 2012, we’d like to take a moment to thank all of you for your continued patronage, and wish you and your family a very happy, healthy and blessed Holiday Season, along with a wonderful New Year!


The Design Home Interiors Owners and Staff



668 Bethlehem Pike

Montgomeryville, PA 18936

215 . 361 . 9100


Holiday Letter

Holiday Letter form DHI

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We are blogging!

Welcome to our new blog! We want to dedicate this blog to our newsletters and not only them…some ideas and tips and tricks will show here, too…

As our first post we decided to go with our newest addition to our vendors list: Dwell Studio for Precedent. Enjoy reading and with any question call us (215 361 9100), go to our website (www.designhi.org) or better – stop by in our 6,000 square feet showroom…

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