Going Green with Your Upholstery!


Going Green with Your Upholstery!

Design Home Interiors sources from a number of vendors that offer sustainable, eco friendly products. With a growing awareness of how products in our home affect not just our planet, but also our own personal health, we are proud to spotlight two manufacturers that have dedicated their mission to eco-friendly and sustainable furniture. Harden Furniture offers an environmentally friendly option featuring a bio-based foam core, made with soy rather than petroleum. In addition, Harden abides by sustainable forestry, consisting of management practices that ensure the health and growth of our forests for future generations. As the population expands and the economy grows, responsible people are concerned about our forests, and they want assurances that our forests will always be there. Companies that rely on healthy and productive forestland for their livelihood have a keen self-interest in making certain that forests remain healthy and productive. To read more about Harden’s mission visit the following link:


Another top-quality manufacturer that we carry is C.R. Laine. They’re committed to preserving the resources of our world for future generations as well. It is their goal to minimize the environmental impacts of their company through the continual improvement of waste reduction and use of sustainable practices.

In addition to the standard world-friendly benefits listed above, you can elevate your commitment to sustainable practices by requesting C.R. Laine’s optional down2earthcushion upgrade which adds the following:

down2earth Seat Cushions: A core of high-resiliency bio-based foam that replaces at least 20% of the petroleum based contents with natural plant based ingredients such as soy or corn, is wrapped in a layer of fiber primarily made from post-consumer regenerated fibers, and production technology and contain organic, halogen-free fire retardants.

down2earth Back Cushions and Throw Pillows: The backs and throws are filled with 100% post-consumer regenerated fiber, which is then blown into a 100% cotton casing. These regenerated fibers begin as recycled plastic drink bottles that are reprocessed into fluffy fiber.

To read more on C. R. Laine and their products visit the following link


Any of our talented and knowledgeable Designers will be happy to assist you with choosing your eco-friendly upholstery pieces! Come in and have fun putting your room together with all natural fabrics as well.


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Design Home Interiors offers Home Furnishings and Full Room Design to meet the personalities and tastes of our discriminating clients. With over 50 manufacturers represented in our 6,000 square foot showroom, our Interior Designers help you create the rooms of your dreams.
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